May 26th - 27th 2019

Half Moon Sober  Festival

Memorial Day Weekend

A Weekend of Camping, Music, Sports, and Workshops for Family, Friends and Everyone!

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Half Moon Sober Festival Workshop's,

(Subject to Change)

  Native American Pipe Ceremony- Steve Parenteau

Triangles of Self-Obsession- Steve Parenteau

Morning Meditations both mornings- Mark Jones

Ghosts in the Bedroom- Mark Jones & Carol Greenwood

Dream Building, Reiki, and Conversations With God- Benjamin Blackett

Loving Sobriety and What it has Given Me- Claire Brugnani

Kids Yoga with Shannen- Shannen Roy

Women's Healing Circle- Christine O'Neil

Astronomy/Astrology- Paul Hutsteiner

Adult Yoga- Kim Wenger Hall

Learn to Knit- Diane Marsh

Tie Dyes- Katie LaPenn

Many Lives, Many Masters- Mark Jones

Moms New to Recovery- Cheryl Maguire

Easy Relaxed Fitness- Stormy Lee Wilson 1 hr

Celebrate Recovery- Diana Teel

Family Dynamics in Recovery- Duane Putnam

 Loving Sobriety and What It Has Given Me- Claire Brugnani                                                                                                                                  




Contact: Jay Bernier/Workshop Coordinator e-mail: mailto:[email protected]