Hi everyone.


  About a week or so ago I wrote a message to everyone letting you know the status of the festival because of everything that was happening with the Covid-19 virus. I have been monitoring state, federal and local news updates concerning the virus and also watching the CDC guidance as well. The CDC has issued guidance to not have large gatherings for 8 weeks. This would have put the festival just one week later after the CDC guidance ended. The board met and we discussed things and I am sorry to say that we decided that the festival will be canceled this year. We are very sad that this had to be done but we did it out of a concern for our patrons, entertainers, vendors, volunteers, the town of New Boston and our board. If you have already purchased your tickets, we will be refunding your money within the next few days. If you purchased your tickets during the special $50 dollar ticket deal, we have your name and next year you will get your tickets at that same $50 price regardless of when you buy them. We appreciate your support and I as well as the board wish for all of you and your families to be safe and healthy through this trying time. We will be having our 25th anniversary festival next year and we can promise you it will be a great festival.


Take care, be safe and thanks again,


President, Half Moon Sober Festival



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