May 23rd- 26th 2014

Half Moon Sober  Festival

Memorial Day Weekend

A Weekend of Camping, Music, Sports, and Workshops for Family, Friends and Everyone!

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 Pic Of Leroy White


LeRoy soul and conscience tour.
Year after year with each performance 
he feeds new energy into the soul and himself.

Visit LeRoy

Pic of Don White


Don White

 Always tells a lively story bringing laughter and enjoyment anytime he plays.

Visit Don



Montgomery Delaney

"Every song flows, every song fits and every song speaks to something deep inside you"

Visit Montgomery

Picture of Selfish Steam

Selfish Steam

Their music has it's own style. Sometimes it has no style at all. Whatever the case may be, their originality and the fun they have together is truly magic.

Visit Selfish Steam


Humble Streak

Bio: Humble Streak is a solid power rock trio based in the Western MA area whose shows have been influenced by, in sound and ability, the legendary bands of yester-year such as Lynyryd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, and Cream.


Sober in the Sun

Annual Labor Day Weekend Experience in Spencer MA. Visit their site to see what they are cooking up for this year.

Visit Sober in the Sun


Pic of Ed Kydd

Ed Kydd – Guitar Instructor, Performer

Ed grew up in Connecticut and now lives in Nashua, NH, with his wife, Bobbie. Ed has played with many different rock, blues and jazz bands, all over the country. He graduated from Rivier College in 1994, with a Degree in Communications and has been teaching guitar ever since.

Visit Ed's Website



Ed Burke

Eddie’s been playing guitar for twenty-five years, with a playing style heavily influenced by classic rock and blues. His music writing style is folk rock, with lyrics that speak to issues and experiences found in everyday life.






link to drywall sponcor
(non-AA afiliated site)
A site dedicated to a Big Book Step Study process!

The Glenwood Mills is a 4 piece band performing an eclectic blend of original music and covers. We cover genres which range from rock, blues, motown and r&b.