May 24th - 27th 2019

Half Moon Sober Festival

Memorial Day Weekend

A Weekend of Camping, Music, Sports, and Workshops for Family, Friends and Everyone

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Board of Directors:

President: Julie Umlah
Vice President: Art Roy

Secretary: Janice Stefaniak
Treasurer: Laura Lambert

Executives:  Jay Bernier, Karen Roy



Entertainment Coordinator: Ty McCarthy
Site Coordinator:
Volunteer Coordinator: Kerin Sutherland
Children's Coordinator: Karen Roy
Utilities Coordinator:
First Aid Coordinator:Sarah Foster

Fundraiser Coordinator: Heather Taylor

Main Gate Coordinator:Janice Stefaniak

Memorabilia: Kathie DesJarlais-Page
Parking:Chad Gallo

Publicity & Advertising: Jesse Emery
Security: Jesse Emery

Sports Coordinator: David Emery
Teen Activities:
Vending: Art Roy
Webpage & Information: Linda Umlah
Jay Bernier

Sanitation:Brian Grenda

Hospitality: Jesse Emery


Half Moon Sober Festival
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The Half Moon Sober Festival
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