May 27th-30th 2022

Half Moon Sober  Festival

Memorial Day Weekend

A Weekend of Camping, Music, Sports, and Workshops for Family, Friends and Everyone!

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Advertising Subscription Format

We are looking for advertisers for our yearly Half Moon Sober Festival program that is published for the Memorial Day Weekend each year.

The festival on Memorial Day weekend is a 4-day camping experience that is designed to promote a life style that is free from alcohol and drugs.

The program will list all of the events for the entire weekend and be the schedule for any upcoming planned events within the year.

The festival itself will have live music; self help workshops, sporting and recreation activities for the entire family to join in on.

The Half Moon Sober Festival Inc. group is a non-profit organization that is registered in the state of New Hampshire as a 501 © (3) tax-exempt corporation. We need support of local and regional businesses that would like to have their name promoted in the 1000 programs we publish and distribute that weekend. Advertisers may also purchase space on T-shirts and sweatshirts that are available that weekend as memorabilia.

We currently have plans to purchase 1000 of these to be available for patrons to purchase this year.

Listed below are the rates for the different forms for advertising we offer.


$50.00 for a business card size ad $100.00 for a ¼ page ad

$175.00 for a ½ page ad $300.00 for a full-page ad

2 x 2 ad (30 characters) on tee shirt plus full-page ad $500.00

2½ x 2½ ad (30 characters) with logo on tee shirt plus full-page ad $600.00

Ad combinations cannot be split; if you want advertisement on tee shirt you must purchase full-page ad space.

Please complete the attached form and return with payment as soon as possible. The earlier you place your ad the more choices you will have on it’s location on T-shirts provided that’s the type of ad you purchase. We look forward to a wonderful time at this year’s festival and are grateful to all that help support the festival and it’s mission.
Thank you for your Support.

Business Name:

Business Address:


Telephone Number

Price from list if applicable:  

Please DO NOT staple your material to this form, Please use paperclips.
 Questions contact: Julie @ (603)-507-7086/[email protected]

Please send completed advertising form to:
HMSF P.O. Box 502 Derry, NH 03038