About Us/Half Moon Sober Festival Inc.


The Half Moon Sober Festival is a non profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization which supports a family oriented recovery and self help weekend which is held on Memorial Day weekend. 

We supply an alcohol and drug free stable environment that includes multi-cultural live music, recovery, workshops, sports and recreation activities, fellowship, teen and children's activities with a crew of approximately 200 volunteers and unpaid staff.

 We do rely on our community for their support. Any contribution  your company donates is completely tax deductible. Your name will be listed telling all our patrons that you have helped make this festival a success. We believe that with your help, we could be successful this year once again as we have the past years, and hopefully many, many more to come.


Julie/President/[email protected]

Half Moon Sober Festival

P.O.Box 502

Derry, NH 03038